I went to the launch of the Destiny imprint last year on the Gold Coast.  This year Penguin held a party to celebrate the first birthday.

There were some speeches (I arrived late and missed most of these), canapes, lots of gorgeous cupcakes, purple balloons some of which are now bobbing around in my room.  And everyone was given an awesome tote-bag printed to look like a Penguin book.  There was also a pirate giving out roses but I didn’t get one so no need to mention him :p

I have only read a few Destiny books so far, but there are a few different genres, including some paranormal ones by my friend Peta Crake.  There are also some historical titles, what look to be intrigue / thriller titles, some rural / small town titles, and some contemporary over various ‘heat’ levels.  They release in ebook first, and then some are later in paperback format.  Our tote bags had paperback versions of some of the books in them.

Penguin tote bag from the Desiny birthday party
Penguin tote bag from the Destiny birthday party

After the cocktail party I was wandering around looking for an ATM, and ended up joining a group for dinner.  I had met a few of them before at conferences past, so it was good to catch up again.

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