Book review: A Pliocene / Intervention / Galactic Milieu reflection

Seeing as The Great Intervention is nearly upon us (due next year in fact), I am doing a reread of the Julian May books – Saga of the Exiles, Intervention and the Galactic Milieu trilogy. For those who like their stories on a grand scale with a lot of philosophy, Jungian archetypes, history, pseudo history […]

Reflections on ‘Wild Cards’

Originally posted September 29 2008 I’m rereading the  Wild Cards series, a shared world anthology edited by George RR Martin.  Inspired by a superhero roleplaying campaign that was gamemastered by Martin, and included Roger Zelazny, Melinda M Snodgrass, Lewis Shiner and Walter Jon Williams, amongst other luminaries who would become writers in their own right.  […]