Breakout 5: Self-Defence For Women: How To Write a Fight Scene – RWAus14

Susanna Rogers – 2nd degree black belt in kickboxing, published romance author.  Publishes under the name Nina Blake  likes to feel powerful teaches kickboxing can’t run, catch or throw, but can kick and punch   When in stressful situation or danger:  fight or flight mechanism kicks in Physiological changes include: heart rate rises increased blood […]

Breakout 4: The Dark Side: Psychology, psychopathy and stalking – RWAus14

I have to admit that I had a great time at the dinner on Saturday night, and went to a room party afterwards.  I decided to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning so I missed the first session of the day (which was noted as TBA in my schedule anyway), and got there in […]

Saturday final session: AMG & Wrap up – RWAus14

Presentation of the First Sale ribbons There were quite a few this year – I think 25 or so standing at the front, and of course others who were not present.  I didn’t record names, I am sure the list will be available in Hearts Talk or on the website.  Congratulations to all 🙂 AGM:  […]

Sunday Program – RWAus14

Again, my breakout sessions are highlighted. 07:30 Registration opens 08:00 Arrival Tea & Coffee 08:20-08:30 Housekeeping 08:30-09:00 TBA  (this was the early program, not sure what ended up going here) 09:00-09:15 Harlequin Digital – Malle Valick 09:15-10:15 Audition Submission – Selected Editors & Agents 10:15-10:45 Morning Tea 10:45-12:15 Sunday Breakout Session 1 Self Publishing 101 […]

Little Gems – Moonstone: Official Launch – RWAus14

Little Gems official launch:  Moonstone Cover design:  Sheridan Kent Contest winners: Josephine Brown—The Minstrel’s Trial Rowena Candlish—Minnie’s Year Of Living Rowena Candlish—Jake’s Best Friend Heidi Catherine—My Moonstone Love N.F. David—Luna and the Moonstone Fiona Greene—The Moonstone Legacy Jennifer Hoff—The Farewell Letter Fiona Kekic—The Heart Surgeon Linda Knightley—Moonlight On Water D.D. Line—Moonstone Hill Patricia Poppenbeek—Catch Of […]

Breakout 3: Revision & Self-Editing: James Scott Bell – RWAuS14

Revision and Self-Editing for Publication (2nd edition) – James Scott Bell   No manuscript is ever submitted exactly the same as it will be published – revisions will be required.   Just accept that. Have a strategic approach to revision to make it consistent and easier. Robert Heinlein’s 2 rules for writing 1.  You must write […]

Breakout 2: The Inside Story: Valerie Parv – RWAus14

Australian auther Valerie Parv is an international best seller, who has sold more than 29 million books.  She writes primarily for Harlequin / Mills & Boone, however she has also written a few books on the art and craft of writing.  I have the revised 2004 edition of The Art of Writing Romance, and also […]

Breakout 1: Small town secrets: Jenn J. McLeod – RWAus14

Jenn J. McLeod is an Australian author, who writes rural romance set in small towns. This is the first time she has presented a panel, and although I am not particularly interested in RuRo myself, I thought the topic looked interesting for someone writing crime or thriller stories.  The secrets part features highly in those, […]

Publishing Q&A: Panel discussion – RWAus14

Panel participants: Joel Naoum – Acquiring Editor, Pan Macmillan Alex Adsett – Agent, Alex Adsett Publishing Services Lucienne Driver  – Agent, Knight Agency Kate Byrne – Senior Commissioning Editor for Headline Publishing Group’s romance imprint, Headline Eternal, in the UK Jim Azevedo – marketing director at Smashwords   Questions submitted: What’s hot, what’s not, and […]

Harlequin: editorial spotlight – RWAus14

An information session by Harlequin representatives: Malle Vallick – Director of Digital Content & Interactivity Flo Nicol – Acquiring Editor Harlequin International Kate Cuthbert – Acquiring Editor, Escape Publishing Sue Brockhoff – Acquiring Editor, Harlequin Australia   Sue started, giving an overview of Harlequin in Australia – this year is 40 years of publishing in […]