And in other news . . .

I did a 3D canvas art class last week at the Craft & Quilting Expo held at Darling Harbour last weekend.  It was a different style of canvas art, and I had a lot of fun.  I’ll post a picture of my efforts soon.

I am also just about finished another piece – it is something of a nature study featuring frogs.  It is basically complete, but I have to finish a museum-style speciman tag, and I think there should be a piece of lace or ribbon somewhere (just can’t decide where).  It is for Tanith, partly because I have no idea when her birthday is (so it is either early or late I guess) and also as a thank you for helping me out at Pheno (she made a lovely corpse).

Of course, photo of froggy thing will be up in due course (once finished).  And then I’m going to make an attempt at a different style of canvas:  Steampunk!  (Will see how successful that is before I make any promises to upload images.)

3 thoughts on “And in other news . . .

  1. pffft! Steampunk sounds like it will be interesting if it works!

    The 3D art sounds similar to what you do now except with extra wood bits. (I wasn’t very impressed with the flowers in a vase picture – boring..)

  2. It is similar, but I also learned how to use texture past, and magic foil.

    I didn’t do the flowers in a vase one (although they had a few variations on the wall, and some of them were really good). Mine is pink waterlilies on a blue pond – not exactly Monet, I know, but shall we say ‘inspired by’ 😉

  3. I love my froggy artwork so far. Thanks so much for thinking of me and creating it for me.

    Very much looking forward to seeing how your steampunk ideas turn out too.

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