Glam Pete

I made this for one of the guys at work (called Pete) for his birthday.  Pete is very attached to his man-bag.  The pink polka-dotted bits are from a sheet of stickers.  I think the bow is supposed to be a hair accessory, but it complemented the bow tie in the original photo so I added it there.  I already had the hat, so I added a strip to it from a matching border piece.  And of course the handbag was a no brainer.  I used the background paper for a kind of vintage-retro feel.

The caption reads:  With his new hat and matching accessories, Pete knew he was the most glam person in the room.

With his new hat . . .
Glam Pete

3 thoughts on “Glam Pete

  1. Hehe. Very cool. I love how the different colours come together in this. He works better with that background than you’d expect.

  2. I think the background looks like 70s wallpaper or something like that. I had to cut very closely around the photo to get rid of the extra background on the original photo, but it works well I think.

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