and now . . .

introducing my new theme!

It took ages to find one I liked that I felt reflected the look and feel I want for the site. Initially I was looking for ‘shabby chic’ styles, and was unable to find any designed for wordpress (only for blogger).  Then by accident I stumbled upon different search criteria – apparetly wordpress designers call this look ‘grunge’ rather than shabby chic.

And of course there is a huge variety within the grunge category – mostly they are black backgrounds with red and / or white writing.  Whereas I wanted swirls, flourishes, florals, and lovely colours (this blog is all about colour, after all!).  I did find some that I liked some elements of, but this is the first one I have liked pretty much everything.

I would like to move the RSS feed thing to the bottom of the sidebar, but I haven’t been able to work out how so far – I did manage to remove some other crappy links so I guess it is just a matter of playing with it a bit.  I was also unable to put  my synaesthesia definition under the name of the blog, but after trying for a while I just created a new page for it with a more information.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

9 thoughts on “and now . . .

  1. Does the theme have widgets enabled? If so you should be able to rearrange the items in the sidebar.

  2. Oh, and if you do have widgets enabled you can add a ‘Text’ widget with custom text (like I have on my page)

  3. I do have widgets enabled, but the rss thing isn’t part of them. it is in code right at the start of the page, but when I have tried to move it below the widgets section it just disappears altogether.

  4. me either, that is why I would never have thought to look under that term.

    I think they have grunge and shabby chic a little bit mixed up.

  5. Rachel – how did you get a photo next to your name? I can’t find that option

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