Nature Study

This was delivered to Tanith a few weeks ago – I finally resolved the issue of looking unfinished.  I added ‘Exhibit A’, the microscope slide, the gold foil swirls, and the braiding down the bottom.  Very happy with it now.

Nature Study: Litoria Chloris
Nature Study: Litoria Chloris

3 thoughts on “Nature Study

  1. I especially like the little frog in the corner clinging on to the twig for dear life!

  2. I’m still deciding where it belongs in my house. It needs a good place.

    I’m really so grateful for this beautiful work of art. Thank you.

  3. it was a lot of fun, and I had to think differently with the nature images and the colour palate – I wanted it to feel earthy and lush, like in a rain forest or something.

    glad you like it 🙂

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