a bit of an update

Last weekend we went away, and amongst other things had a few Rock Band 2 sessions.  We have unlocked the Endless Setlist, and even made a start on it, but decided to wait until we were less tired and there were more of us (as it is better to have a few extra people to allow swapping in and out.

I finally managed to delivery the set of cards that my friend Belinda ordered – a dozen mixed cards including theatrical, fantasy / gaming themed, assorted birthday cards, and elegant floral offerings for more refined tastes.

I have also started on a new canvas for a work colleague’s birthday (which has, of course, already passed by).  It is a square shaped one (my first efforts with a square I think), which is currently bright red.  As are my hands.  I have also added some green, white, and gold coloured paints around the edges, and a similar red but slightly different has been dabbed over the base coat to add some texture.  I have an image ready, so I just have to stamp and embellish the canvass and then attach everything down.

Due to work commitments I will probably not be able to finish it this week, but I will see how I go.

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