This was the class I did at Darling Harbour a while back.  It was very quick, about an hour all up.   First I put texture paste on the canvas, then added the acrylic paint.  What that was drying I painted the shapes – the big flower and the two buds.  Then they were glued on and then I put on the swirls with tacky glue and added the gold leaf to the canvas (and also a little on the flowers for highlights).

Obviously no Monet, but I’m really happy with it overall.  It was interesting to use the acrylics instead of the watercolours (twinkling H2Os) that I normally use.  I haven’t played with texture paste before, so that was really fun.  And I have used the tackly glue / gold leaf a few times since then, as it is easy and really effective.  The swirls are done with solid glue streaks, while the highlights are done by smudging a little bit of the glue around.

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