Speed dating with publishers & agents – part 2

This was the second of two panel discussions where publishers and agents were pitching to the conference about ‘why you should go on a date with me’.

Second panel consisted of:

  • Alex Adsett (Alex Adsett Publishing Services)
  • Beverley Cousins (Random House)
  • Sarah Fairhall (Penguin)

Beverley Cousins – Random House

  • commercial fiction including crime, thrillers, women’s fiction, men’s fiction
  • sales from local commercial fiction has grown by 168% in past 2 years
  • strong sales/ marketing / publicity plan for authors
  • recognises talent and potential that comes from the RWA membership
  • limited print slots now
  • Digital First imprint launching next year which will open up a lot more slots for romance
  • send synopsis and first 3 – 4 chapters
  • will talk to authors for social media, provide support network
  • looking for women’s fiction – rural romance, strong female characters, erotic fiction

Sarah Fairhall – Penguin

  • YA, Destiny, Romance
  • had 17 writers at the conference this year
  • Destiny offers a small boutique style team with the ‘power and might of the Penguin publishing team’
  • provide social media training, help set up websites, on an author by author basis
  • looking for rural romance, erotic fiction, and for Destiny looking for historical romance

Alex Adsett – Alex Adsett Publishing Services

  • contract negotiator – works on a freelance basis
  • also an agent looking for manuscripts, able to submit manuscripts to someone who knows the industry
  • looking for fantasy, science, erotic paranormal
  • hopes to get back to submissions within about a month
  • please refer to website:  alexadsett.com.au


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