RWA wrap up

Well that is the full wrap up of the RWA conference, as per events and panels I attended.

I had a most excellent time, I think I learned a lot, and hopefully I will be able to put some of it to use.

I do have to finish off the Screenwriting Tips for Authors workshop notes, but there is quite a lot of that, it may take some time to go through.  I think I also have to do some restructuring of my work in progress but more of that another time.

So that is it for now.  I hope some of this has been useful or interesting for those who have read it.  Please fee free to let me know what you think, and if you would like to have a discussion on any of the topics covered here.  I may have thoughts or information whirling around in my head that didn’t make it into notes.  I’ll also put up some photos from the textiles workshop once I work out how to get them from my phone.

Your thoughts and stuff

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