I made this when I was messing around trying to come up with an alternate design to replace my Christmas cards.  I wondered if I could use it as a New Year’s card design, but in the end felt that it didn’t work for me that way.

However I do really like the images and I think overall they work together quite well.  I also wanted to use a different palette rather than browns and maroons for this even though there are gears and cogs and clockwork elements on it.

Some of the images didn’t stamp as clearly as I would have liked, and the placements are not quite right, but all in all I am happy with it, and I would use the design or variations of it again (maybe with backing papers instead of a sponged background).

A Clockwork Bird

Base card folded and stamped randomly with crackle stamp in Wild Plum ink.  Piece of card sponged heavily with wild plum and eggplant ink, edged with eggplant ink and set aside to dry.

Piece of card sponged lightly with eggplant, and then stamped with quote at the top and row of cogs at the bottom in eggplant.  Clockwork bird dabbed with wild plum then eggplant ink then stamped in the centre of the card.  Key stamped in position on the bird’s back in wild plum, and top hat on the bird’s head.  Edge this piece in both wild plum and eggplant.

Assemble all the layers, then edge side of card with wild plum and eggplant over the top.  Inside, stamp row of cogs in eggplant at the bottom and edge on side in wild plum and eggplant

Author: Philippa

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