One of the girls at work got married and her colour scheme was black and white, with some hints of red.  This is the card I made that was given to her with a gift from the people at work – I chose the chandelier because she is a bit of a goth.  And although it didn’t scan well the dress was actually painted with irridescent white that has a red sheen.  All the central image has been hand coloured with Twinkling H20s

Bonnie’s wedding card

I used a similar theme with the envelope, repeating the chandelier image.  I had to be careful to ink it up for a crisp image and not to smudge anything.  The flower on the right is white with a gold centre, matching the one on the card.

Bonnie envelope

Author: Philippa

I make arty mixed-media things, & write fantastical things (with kissing), & do musical & dancing things, & play gaming things, & do weightlifting things, & organise fabulous event things. But mostly I wrangle cats. Renaissance woman.

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