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So we had someone else at work getting married, and her manager asked if I could make a card for everyone to sign.  I have worked with R quite a bit over the years, and have met her partner a few times so I was happy to get involved.  Subtle and surreptitious questioning failed to elicit a colour or theme for her wedding but it was all a cunning ploy so I could match the card to it.  In the end she told me that she didn’t actually have a theme  (I had to say ‘may I tell you, on behalf on the events team, that I am appalled!’), so I went with some floral images that I thought would suit.

Raewyn’s wedding card

The base cardstock is an off-white / antique cream uncoated parchment stock that has a baroque flourish stamped in copper ink all around the edges.  The top layer has the filigree heart stamped in watermark ink and embossed in fine detail platinum embossing powder on kraft card.  I then painted some of the detail in iridescent watercolours (Twinkling H20s) before tearing the edges and swiping them with the copper ink too.  This was then layered onto pink paper with black flourishes, then copper paper, and then some burgundy cardstock that was also torn on the edges and swiped with copper ink.  The flowers are stacked on top of each other and fixed onto the card, and the  gem was used as a centre to the taupe flower (which was also inked around the edges).

Inside I added a folded piece of parchment paper that was punched along both the 210mm edges with a lattice edge punch, taped it to the right hand side of the card, and stamped ‘All the Best’ in copper ink.  The idea was to make 3 – 4 pages available to be written on as we have a large unit at work.

Decorated envelope

I also decorated the envelope to match.  I didn’t write her name on the front, as I thought her manager would, but I wish i had because it ended up looking a bit scrappy.  Still overall I was pretty pleased with the colour scheme and the way it all turned out.  I stamped the same baroque style flourish in copper ink, and attached taupe paper flowers with pink centres on the side that matched the centre of the one on the card.

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  1. Wow, Philippa, that’s gorgeous! Your workmate could do no better than to match her wedding to your lovely card:-) Such a lot of work, but very satisfying, I’d imagine!

  2. Hi Satima,

    yes it is really satisfying. For things like weddings I try to match my design to the theme and colours of the wedding where possible. In this case there wasn’t really one so I went with a description of the colours in the invitiation, although I hadn’t actually seen it myself. And flowers, because they always work 🙂

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