Writing the knockout novel: pt 5 – RWAus14

The mirror moment and door #2.


The Mirror Moment

Write your novel from the middle

  • James Scott Bell


Midpoint (of story, may not actually be):

A look in the mirror

  • Who am I?
  • What have I become?
  • What MUST I become?


  • I am probably going to die
  • Finding strength to keep going

Biblical terms

Could be either Samson or Job

Samson squandered his talents

  • Captured by Philistines
  • Sacrifices himself, accepts dying

Job is ordinary guy

  • Bad things happen
  • Has to grow stronger
  • Vindicated in the end


Does your character have a moral flaw

What must she do to grow out of that flaw?

The Golden Triangle

  • If you know the mirror moment, you can go to the pre-story psychology to find what will cause the transformation at the end
  • You can go from scene to scene, knowing what the transformation will be


Can also the transformation from a go character to a bad one

Eg Michael Corleone in The Godfather

Midpoint is the moment when Michael has his plan to kill the crooked cop

`it isn’t personal, it is just business`


Transformation – in the end, he will be the ruthless killer


Show on page – how do we show the transformation when written?
Eg Michael has ordered the killing of his sister`s husband
His wife Kay asks him if it is true, and he looks her in the eyes and lies about it


Lethal weapon

  • Transformation is shown when he gives away the hollow point bullet that he told his partner that he was saving to kill himself with
  • Walks away, but then goes in to have Christmas dinner with them
  • Gave up the symbol of his issue when he gave up the bullet


Don’t just have one possibility

  • Brainstorm for lots of ideas


Your thoughts and stuff

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