Writing the knockout novel: pt 2 – RWAus14


1. The killer

  • The answer
  • A loved one
  • Revenge

Eg It happened one night :
Clarke Gable and Claudette C  both want something
They need to work together to get what they both want

2.  To get away from something

  • The past
  • Self


~  a plot is  two dogs and one bone

Robert Newton Peck


The Opposition character

  • stronger than thee lead
  • Three dimensional
    • Justified  (might only be  to themselves)
    • Sympathetic (at least to  you)
    • Powerful  and charming

Dean Koontz:

The best villains are those who evoke pity and sometimes even genuine sympathy as well as terror.  Think of the pathetic aspect of the Frankenstein monster.  Think of the poor werewolf, hating what he becomes in the light of the full moon, but incapable of resisting the lycanthrope tides in his own cells.


Knock-out endings:

” your first chapter sells your book.   Your  last chapter sells your next book

~ Mickey Spillane


Romancing the stone

  • Joan is in tears over her own writing


“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader ”

~ Robert Frost:


Final battle

Outside:   will the character defeat  the opponents?

Inside:  will the character make the right choice

Will he/she find the courage to sacrifice?


Most famous ending of all time:  Casablanca


  • Rick is there because he was betrayed by Ilsa (in his mind)
  • Ilsa walks in with Viktor Laslo
  • Shenannigans over Letters of Transit (no such thing,  as a writer make it up if you need to)
  • The ending is ambiguous until Rick tells Louis Viktor and Ilsa are leaving on the plane

Sacrifices what he wants / love:

  • Rick can finally get everything he wants, has wanted for years.  And he gives it up for the greater good

Self sacrifice:

  • Then he shoots the Nazi major in front of the police captain –  sacrifices his life

Moral reward:

  • Comes back into the community
  • Has new bff – Louis, police captain
  • Backdrop is lights that look like stars – symbolism of Rick`s `resurrection`

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