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So, I have been a bit blocked of late, unable to create art or write.  This is due in large to stresses in my life (predominently work), but also due to some limitations I put on myself.  Namely, no creative stuff until I got all of the wedding related thank yous done.  I had done most of them ages ago, but there are still a few cousins who gave us things months after the wedding that I hadn’t sent thank yous to, and it took ages to buy more papers and cardstock as I had run out of the original stuff I bought.

Anyway, I started to do some art last weekend by giving myself mini paperarts challenges.  I also made a card for someone at work, and did a new canvas art which I’ll put up later (it is a gift for someone and I’m not giving it for a few weeks.  I thought I would wait until after she has it).

I also finished off ‘Perchance to Dream’, a mixed media canvas that I started about 18 months ago but had got stuck on.  I’ll post that later although the photo is not as clear as I would have liked.

Now I have to do some writing stuff for a roleplaying game I am in tomorrow.  Which will be a challenge because I’m not in that headspace at the moment.  But if I treat it like the mini art challenges I should hopefully get through it ok.

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