One of the Guys? Eve Dallas as a masculine worker heronie in J.D. Robb’s ‘In Death’ series.

Jayashree Kamblé (La Guardia CC, City University of New York) Session 6.4 Power and Patriarchy Abstract: Harriet Bradley’s study of gender in work history documents how gender roles affect the practice and perception of labour. Her observations are crucial to understanding the labour of Eve Dallas, the murder cop in J.D. Robb’s long-running In Death […]

The Single Mother and the Law: Romance novels making room for female voices in patriarchal spaces

Publishes as Michelle Douglas, also a PhD Candidate (University of Newcastle, Australia) Session 6.3 Power and Patriarchy Abstract:  Single mothers are routinely subjected to scorn and censure from the media and political discourse, often dismiss as conniving welfare queens and a drain on society.  Research proves these images are fundamentally false.  However the biases these […]

Dangerous loves endangered: nationalism, violence and territoralization in US paramilitary romance fiction

Professor Nattie Golubov (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) Session 6.2 Power and Patriarchy I’m going to put the whole abstract this time, as it helps explain a lot of my shorthand bullet points later in the post. Most of the abstract is behind the cut. Abstract: This paper will discuss the geopolitical imaginary and the […]

The Soft Power of Popular Romance

Heather Schell (George Washington University, USA) Session 6.1 Power and Patriarchy Abstract: Political scientist Joseph Nye introduced the term “soft power” as a way of describing how nations might win hearts and allies without the us of military force or economics.  Power, he says, is “a way to alter the behaviour of others to get […]

“He looks like he’s stepped out of a painting”: The idealisation and appropration of Italian timelessness through the experience of Romantic Love

Dr Francesca Pierini (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) Session 5.3: History and Romance This was an interesting (and at times quite amusing) session looking at a subset of English-language romance authors who set their stories Italy.  Apparently there is a whole Thing where people with Italian ancestry seek their roots in Italy and the ‘fall in love […]

History Ever After: Fabricated historical chronotopes in romance genre fictions

Jennifer Hallock Session 5.2: History and Romance Abstract:  Over 80% of bestselling historical romance books published in the first half of 2018 were set in Britain, either during the 19th century or the mediaeval period.  These two fabricated chronotopes are selectively accurate to history and narrowly focused on high ranks of the nobility – in […]

Georgette Heyer’s Unruly Eighteenth Century

Dr Stephanie Russo (Macquarie University, Australia) Session 5.1: History and Romance Abstract:  Georgette Heyer’s fame, both in her own time and in ours, is inextricably connected to her representation of Regency England.  However before Heyer wrote about the Regency, she was writing about the eighteenth century, setting her first novels in both England and France… […]

Think Globally, Love Locally? – Popular Romance Studies comes to Sydney

Recently I was fortunate to attend some sessions the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance (aka IASPR) Conference with the theme ‘Think Globally, Love Locally?’ held in Sydney. Due to a combination of illness and other commitments I was unable to attend all the sessions.  I also apologise profusely to all those who […]