When someone you know passes, and they have family left behind, it is often hard to know what to make for them.  In this case it was someone I had known for 12 years although I am more friends with his wife – I have done quite a few musicals with her, and we did dancing together for years until she had children and I moved from the area.

M was diagnosed with primary lung cancer 16 months ago, despite being an extremely fit athlete who had never smoked in his life.  This is something that can effect anyone, not just smokers.  He was 39 years old, and leaves his wife C and two children – a daughter aged 8, and a son aged 5.

It took me a long time to make this card, I had to make several starts before I decided on colours and images I felt were suitable.

Iris stamp inked with dye inks, spritzed lightly with water for water colour effect, and stamped onto white parchment paper and swiped with burgundy ink on edges.  Layered onto gold paper, then onto olive cardstock embossed with floral design swiped with burgundy ink, and again onto gold paper.  Base card has marbled paper with burgundy swiped into on edges attached.  Stacked papers wrapped with cream lace, then layered onto the marbled paper.

As the card was going in the mail, I didn’t do too much with the envelope.  It didn’t really feel appropripate in the circumstances.

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