Life as a debut author  Q&A
Jennifer St George and Laura Greaves

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Category romance

Editing process 

  • Easy to manage
  • Suggestions that make sense – can negotiate if there is one line or plot point you want to keep


Tips for new authors 

  • Strong relationship with editors
  • Be very professional, hit every deadline
  • Be prepared to be an author – website, professional author photographs, biography.  `Be that author` – professional and available
  • Have links to reviews on your website
  • Good idea to maintain own website (or a good friend) – don’t invest a huge amount of money up front, and don’t let an external person have control of it
  • Bloggers are a good source of promotion, get good relationships with them


Author: Philippa

I make arty mixed-media things, & write fantastical things (with kissing), & do musical & dancing things, & play gaming things, & do weightlifting things, & organise fabulous event things. But mostly I wrangle cats. Renaissance woman.

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