Sarah Wendell – You gotta catch a wave

Title is a tribute to a Beach Boys song

– make sure you say thank you to the people who assist you
eg sponsors who give chocolate and free wifi

– don’t forget to look behind you – see what you did, be proud of what you have done
– look forward and have faith

So many people want to write a book, it is amazing if you actually do write one.
Thank you for not listening to those who say writing romance is not a good use of your time, because they are full of crap

Don’t listen to people who say that Australian stories and Australian settings and Australian voices don’t sell.

Author: Philippa

I make arty mixed-media things, & write fantastical things (with kissing), & do musical & dancing things, & play gaming things, & do weightlifting things, & organise fabulous event things. But mostly I wrangle cats. Renaissance woman.

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