Launch of Little Gems Anthology 2013:  Sapphire

New logo unveiled.
New look website unveiled.

Will be officially live after the conference.


Annual General Meeting:

– new consitution due to changes in the NSW Associations act
– vote passed
as approaching 1000 members, reviewed way RWA want to be seen etc
‘The Year of Admin’
– new logo
– website revamp
– consitutional change
– update of consitution
– update of key policies

Year of Controversy:
– a member was expelled for plagarism after committee reviewed works submitted and was found to have substantially plagarised the works of other authors
– this took a lot of time and resources, and the committee determined that members were not sufficently covered by a policy relating to this
– there is now a RWA policy / Code of Conduct to deal with plagarism

2013 / 14 – The Year of Giving
Give back
Give yourself – you time
Give yourself – best chance of success
Give each other a fair go
Give yourself … a break

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I make arty mixed-media things, & write fantastical things (with kissing), & do musical & dancing things, & play gaming things, & do weightlifting things, & organise fabulous event things. But mostly I wrangle cats. Renaissance woman.

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