The professional writers workshop was on today, so I wasn’t required.  For the past few years Penguin has hosted a cocktail party on the Thursday night, but for some reason this year they did not.  And by the time I found that out (and confirmed I had today off work), the fundraising Literacy High Tea was booked out.

So today was gym, chiro, cardmaking, family dinner – in fact the usual kind of Thursday for me, minus going to work.

Anyway, holding with past traditions, here is my program for tomorrow. I shall do updates at various time, both here and on twitter – we are using #RWAus14, and I am synaesthezia there also.

Note:  last year I didn’t go to the writers workshop (Kim Hudson, The Virgin’s Journey), I went to the Elizabeth Jolley Conference instead, which was being held concurrently with the writers workshop, and looked at romance writing and academia.  I really had a fab time at that, however that was the first time an academic stream had been offered (by Curtain University), and this year there is nothing similar.    That is fine, the James Scott Bell workshop looks quite interesting – although I think Alexandra Sokoloff’s ‘Screenwriting Tips for Authors’ workshop in 2012 is going to take a lot to beat.  I have structured my writing around what she suggested, down to the system cards (well the ones on Scrivener), and it really makes structure flow easily.

But I digress.  Here is the timetable for tomorrow:


Registration opens

Arrival Tea & Coffee


This Knockout Novel Workshop will get you into the deep tissue of your fiction. You’ll learn the tool and techniques of the masters, including:

  • What plot is really all about
  • The power of disturbance and doorways
  • How to write scenes with no dull parts
  • Creating “jump off the page” characters
  • The fastest way to improve your manuscript
  • The essentials of great dialogue
  • The secret of voice

Trials of a First Time Author *bonus session


  • 10.00-10.20 – Morning Tea
  • 12:00-13.00 – Lunch
  • 14.30-15.00 – Afternoon Tea

Leather & Lace Cocktail Party


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