Publishers’ Moderated Panel

Pippa Roscoe – Harlequin UK

  • Moving into London Bridge

Megan Farrell – Tulin Publishing

  • Digital first, selected print
  • Women’s fiction, romance, chicklit

Marty Green – Pantera Press

  • Boutique Sydney based publishing house
  • Focus on authors not individual books – full career

Lex – Penguin / Random House

  • Works across multiple lines

Sue Brockhoff – Harlequin Australia

What has changed in the past 12 months?


  • Lots of people reading on their phones now
  • Have to compete with music, youtube etc
  • Shorter books / novellas increasing in popularity


  • Plateau in usage of ebooks
  • Confident print book is not dead


  • Harlequin had more titles and authors in top 100 print sales in the past year
  • Romance writing across genres hitting best sellers lists


  • Forecasters predict that by 2019 print books will still dominate the reading market (70%)


Changes in trends: More romance writers included in literary festivals.

People reading differently. Short format. Exploring the noise. Serialisation projects, compulsive series reading (episodic).

Pippa Roscoe:

  • Build your brand.

Martin Green:

  • Build email list so you can sell directly to your readers.
  • emerging authors need to be visible & accessible. Stay connected.

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