Kate Cuthbert (Escape digital imprint) and Sue Brockhoff (Harlequin Single Title) 


Pitching is way to get attention, get to know editor or publishing house

Good way of getting manuscript in front of editor


Before you pitch:

Are you ready?


  • Who are you pitching to?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What are they not looking for?
  • What are their parameters? Eg genres and subgenres, word length etc (category is 50 – 60k, while single title is around 80k – 90k)
  • Do your plans and theirs coincide?


  • Is your manuscript complete?
  • Is your manuscript as polished as you can make it?
  • Has your manuscript been read by someone other than you (or your mum)


You’re ready

Pitch Day:

Your manuscript

  • Have a tagline
  • Stick to the highlights (not every detail of the story)
  • Don’t be coy – let them know what happens
  • Comparisons are y our friend
  • Don’t be humble
  • Leave time for questions


Editors are actively looking for stories, so show them your best


In the pitch

You as an author

  • Be confident
  • Be calm
  • Don’t stress
  • Be honest
  • Keep your eye on the prize
  • Remember: publishers are there because they want your book


After the pitch


  • Send requested manuscripts
  • Send any requested information
  • Include detains o the pitch (when, where etc)
  • Keep in contact about your submission


When you pitch – give it your best shot

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