I don’t do many Christmas cards, as I prefer to do New years cards for my friends.  But I do give out some to work colleagues, and these are the designs I made this year.

Once again I challenged myself to use the free papers and card toppers that come with magazines – there are an awful lot of snow scenes tho, which I usually try to avoid!  I did make an exception this year to use some of my free stash.  It isn’t my usual style but I enjoyed the challenge, and my colleages liked the cards I gave them.

Popcorn and friend

All the cards have the images adhered with mounting tape to give them dimension, and as I said it is not my usual style.  It was fun for a change, and pretty quick to make them all.

Popcorn christmas




And these are more like my usual style, but I was trying to go for a bright yet shabby look.  Again the papers were from a free set, but I used my own tree stamp.

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