Children’s cards

As I mentioned last year, I had some lovely artwork made by the daughters of a friend, which I now have on display on my wall at home.

Recently one of these little girls has been very sick (the 2 year old), and so I decided to make her a card.  And to avoid jealousy issues, I made one for the 4 year old too.  In the cards I thanked them both for the artwork I made.  I told the younger girl that I hoped she was feeling much better now, and the older one that she should make up stories about the adventures of the character on her card.  And then I posted them separately because I was told that they both love to receive mail, and check the mailbox for their mother daily.  I have held off posting them here until I knew they had received their cards – they arrived on Monday, so I can put them up here now 🙂

Floral owl
Floral owl
Flower fairy
Flower fairy

I had a lot of fun making these, I had to think about colours and images and try to use what I have differently.  I have used the fairy stamp a few times before, but it is the first time I have used the owl.  I thought it worked well for a young child.

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  1. These cards have been a definite highlight in a pretty hectic week. Poor kids, this morning I dragged them out the door as they tried to sit down to draw pictures and glue boxes together.

  2. it is actually one of my few attempts at paper piecing. I stamped the owl on different types of paper, and then cut out elements and stuck them all together.

    I thought it suited that stamp – there is actually another owl in the same set, with patches on her clothes instead of flowers

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