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I have a few posts to catch up on all the cards I have been doing.  I will hold off on posting my steampunk Christmas design for now, but I am pretty happy with it so far.  I need to make a few adjustments and I think add a contrasting coloured ink, but other than that I think this design (a variation of the one I was going to do last year but the stamps didn’t arrive in time) is a go.

I also have a design in mind for my New Years cards, which I give / send out to those I don’t see at Christmas time.  I found a perfect text / sentiment stamp in a bargain bin at a craft show last weekend.  I wasn’t looking for something like that but as soon as I saw it I knew it would be great.  And then I was looking at a craft magazine this week and saw a design I really like, with a similar sized text panel on the front.  I will need to adapt it a little but I have a good idea of what I want to do, I just need to play around a bit.

Anyway in the mean time I had the idea of posting up a few cards I have done that I like but for some reason I don’t think they quite work.  I know some people who see these posts do their own artwork and have a good eye for colour and design, so perhaps there will be some good suggestions as to what might make improvements.

First up:  One sighted / Illusion

One sighted illusion
One sighted illusion

I am not quite sure why this doesn’t work.  I love the colours together – Adirondak Lettuce and Raisin inks for the main image (“One Sighted” by Stampers Anonymous).  I have mirrored those colours in the layering papers.  I love the stamp in the background – “Life is an illusion ~ Mata Hari” by Studio Astate  (stamped in Antique Linen distress ink), and think it suits the image stamp.

However for some reason I don’t think the whole thing works together.  Is there too much white space on the card?  Do I perhaps need to edge the card in ink?  Do I need to stamp another image on the background of the card, perhaps in the green or burgundy?

Interested in suggestions because I think these elements *should* work, but they don’t quite.

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