Author Alison Stuart, runs Scrivener workshops for beginners.

Scrivener is NOT a word processing program, it is a type of project management software to organise your writing and notes.

How to create a new document:


  • New project
  • Type of project eg fiction
  • Type of fiction eg Novel / short story

When document is opened, it comes with a prepopulated template

The ‘engine room’ of Scrivener is the left hand side panel called the Binder

Think of it as like a binder folder – with dividers etc already in place

Toolbar is customisable, set up favourites


  • Character
  • Places

Can add these directly to appropriate folder by right click – Add – New from template

Copies template into folder that is highlighted

Can drag and drop photos into the inspector (top right) in characters and places

Version control:

  • Is done via snapshots
  • All saved versions are listed by date
  • Compare different versions
  • Split screen
  • Drag the snapshot with markups into one of the split screen panels

– Coloured tags for each Act in structure

– Coloured scenes for each protagonist POV

Alison:  does final edits in Word

Compile, select folders, then export

Suggestion:  Scrivener for Dummies


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