Break out session: Living with the first draft

A good crafting session presented by Lisa Heidke.


  • If you don’t have any words coming, then research / work on setting.
  • At least that is progressing the story.
  • You might come up with inspiration which helps you to get writing again.
  • Sometimes you might just need to step away from the digital world – step away from computer and think.  Maybe take some longhand notes.
  • Write a letter in character to their best friend who they haven’t seen for 10 years.  It may not appear in the story, but it is getting you back into the character and back on target.  Some of the words may actually appear in the first draft anyway.
  •  Set reasonable goals – 500 words per day is fine.

Doesn’t have to be perfect first go – just write it!

Writers need ‘me’ time – away from tv and people.

Balance exercise – My life:

  • If my life was balanced I would get to the gym every day instead of 3 times a week.  That would include the yoga classes I wish I was doing as well as the other classes I already am doing.
  • I would be able to let go of stress more easily, and sleep better.
  • I would manage to fit in time for writing each day as well as time for gaming.



  • Drop activities if I am doing too much.
  • Delegate where necessary.
  • Give creativity centre stage.
  • Give myself permission to shine even if it is for only half an hour a day.
  • Look at ways to structure my writing time to fit in with my day.
  • Try to stay in the moment of writing.


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