Art Journal pt 1- Clockwork of the Universe

I have been to a few art journalling classes over the past year or so.  They are actually held monthly, but due to other commitments I can’t always make it (well I could if they were held in the afternoon, but they are always first thing in the morning).

Each class involves working on a particular technique or with a new product.  It is held in a craft shop so obviously they are hoping we buy some of them, but the teacher always has some to use, and other class participants share theirs too.  We aren’t supposed to do an exact replica of the teacher’s pages, they are an example or guide for us to use as a starting point.

This first class is a good example of that – the teacher had lots of hearts on hers, but I changed it to gears and made it more steampunk.

Techniques used include:  masking, stenciling with moulding paste, stamping, adding shapes made from torn book pages (old ones!) that have been painted with distress paint and then stamped, adding a fine layer of distress glitter to gel medium (hard to see in the photo), using black distress crayon around layers to add depth and texture, and adding words with foam letters.  Which I did much later once I found a quote I liked, which from Voltaire.

I didn’t take step-by-step photos this time, which I did with later classes.  So just the one picture for this one.

Clockwork of the University (Art Journal pages)


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