I haven’t forgotten about Synaesthezia, but between work and being sick I haven’t had time to do much of an update.  I have a few more canvases I need to photograph and update, plus I have been working on revisions of my freeform, Regency Revels.  I also went on a bit of a card making frenzy a few weeks ago, and was very happy with the results.  Now I just need some time to create more!

Hope to have a bit more here soon.  I also have two theatre reviews I want to finish, even though the shows are no longer playing.  Just thought I would post a note saying Not Ded Yet 😉

Author: Philippa

I make arty mixed-media things, & write fantastical things (with kissing), & do musical & dancing things, & play gaming things, & do weightlifting things, & organise fabulous event things. But mostly I wrangle cats. Renaissance woman.

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