My brother and sister-in-law live in London.  When they came to visit last year, my s-i-l liked some of my mixed media artwork (which she hadn’t seen before), particularly the floral steampunk one I did at the class with Finnabair.

So during their visit I got hold of a black and white photo from their wedding the year before, and created a similar type of mixed media piece for them.  It is on a double layer of cardstock, but I have told them to attach it to a frame or canvas so it doesn’t get damaged.  (Note:  My brother hadn’t done this when I visited last month, but I reminded him to again).

Floral steampunk wedding

Attachments include paper flowers, metal flowers, wooden steampunk embellishments, glass flat-backed marbles.  I have used metallic sprays, and removed a lace doily after spraying so some of the original card pattern shows through.  There is also metallic foil on some of the embellishments.

I also made two dozen cards for my s-i-l, in a range of styles for different purposes and recipients.  The photo isn’t great, but it gives and idea of the selection.

Handmade card selection

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