100 years young

They obviously breed them tough in Western Australia, my grandmother was 92 when she passed away a few years ago. Although she moved to Sydney as a war bride, she was originally from Perth and met my grandfather when he was billeted with their family during shore leave.

And now her sister is celebrating her 100th birthday.  Auntie Lorna lived on her own farm until last year, she has finally moved into town in a retirement village although she is still in Mount Barker.  She is the first to reach this age, although her sister and mother and grandmother all got to their 90s.  My mother and her sister flew over today for 10 days to celebrate with the family.

This is the card I made that is from our side of the family, I wanted everyone to be able to sign it.  It is A5 when folded, and the patterned paper on the front is a hand made japanese screen printed silk paper.  I used one of my favourite large stamps, brushed irises, which I thought complimented the paper and colour scheme.  The gold layering paper has been punched with a lace doily pattern, and decorative gems in purple and champagne continue the colour scheme.

100th birthday irises

Inside, I used the same lace doily punch on the insert and swiped the edges with ink to highlight.  It think it stands out well against the pink cardstock.  I had a discussion with mum about what to put there – I have a brushed style ‘Happy Birthday’ or the ornate ‘Congratulations’ and in the end we decided on the latter.

100 years birthday – internal pages

Finally, the envelope is slightly different in images and style, but it carries on the flourishes from the ‘Congratulations’, and the flowers from the chiagami paper.  Despite the weird blue, the envelope is actually white (scanning issue I presume).

100th birthday envelope

Anyway my mother is under instructions to pack it between the pages of a magazine or two, and to handle with care until she can present it to the birthday girl.  I wish I could have gone too, but it is my busy time at work and given I am having time off in August it just wasn’t possible to get more off now.  I also wish Grandma could have been here too, she would have loved to see Lorna’s party.

2 thoughts on “100 years young

  1. Phillipa, I love this card – its delicate and romantic and feminine and so gorgeously vintage. You’ve got talent 🙂

  2. thank you. it was a special event for our family so I took a bit of time on it. I was very happy with it and fortunately so were my mother and aunt as they were presenting it 🙂

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