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July 28th, 2009

introducing my new theme!

It took ages to find one I liked that I felt reflected the look and feel I want for the site. Initially I was looking for ‘shabby chic’ styles, and was unable to find any designed for wordpress (only for blogger).  Then by accident I stumbled upon different search criteria – apparetly wordpress designers call this look ‘grunge’ rather than shabby chic.

And of course there is a huge variety within the grunge category – mostly they are black backgrounds with red and / or white writing.  Whereas I wanted swirls, flourishes, florals, and lovely colours (this blog is all about colour, after all!).  I did find some that I liked some elements of, but this is the first one I have liked pretty much everything.

I would like to move the RSS feed thing to the bottom of the sidebar, but I haven’t been able to work out how so far – I did manage to remove some other crappy links so I guess it is just a matter of playing with it a bit.  I was also unable to put  my synaesthesia definition under the name of the blog, but after trying for a while I just created a new page for it with a more information.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Welcome to my new blog

March 14th, 2009

You will see that there are already some posts here – they have been moved over from my artsblog which I have decided to no longer maintain.

I have two show reviews to do, and a number of movie and tv show reviews when I get time.  I’ll set up an RSS feed to my livejournal, but all comments will have to be here.  I can even add extra authors if anyone would like to contribute, but I’ll have a think about that – it is just mine for now!

Eventually I’ll use the main url for my artwork, as I would like to get images up so I can start to get serious about selling some of it.  Canvasses will be available on commission, and cards and other mixed media items will be available on request or if I have excess stock available.

I think that is it for now – I hope I get some readers, and people aren’t too bored by it all.  It is not going to be an all purpose rant site (at least I think not) as I’ll leave my lj for that kind of thing.

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