a bit of an update

August 23rd, 2009

Last weekend we went away, and amongst other things had a few Rock Band 2 sessions.  We have unlocked the Endless Setlist, and even made a start on it, but decided to wait until we were less tired and there were more of us (as it is better to have a few extra people to allow swapping in and out.

I finally managed to delivery the set of cards that my friend Belinda ordered – a dozen mixed cards including theatrical, fantasy / gaming themed, assorted birthday cards, and elegant floral offerings for more refined tastes.

I have also started on a new canvas for a work colleague’s birthday (which has, of course, already passed by).  It is a square shaped one (my first efforts with a square I think), which is currently bright red.  As are my hands.  I have also added some green, white, and gold coloured paints around the edges, and a similar red but slightly different has been dabbed over the base coat to add some texture.  I have an image ready, so I just have to stamp and embellish the canvass and then attach everything down.

Due to work commitments I will probably not be able to finish it this week, but I will see how I go.

Le Jardin

May 28th, 2009

I have nearly finished one of the two canvases I am working on – it is a gift for my brother’s gf who is visiting with him from the UK, and they are leaving on Monday morning.  So I’m on a very tight deadline.  That is ok – I added the finishing touches this evening (lots and lots of flowers).  Now I’m waiting for it all to dry, and I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow.

It has been a bit of a challenge because I used a different shape canvas this time, and some of my original concepts just didn’t work.  But that is ok – I’m a lot happier with the way it looks now than I was with my original idea.

It is called Le Jardin, because of the art nouveau image and of course all the flowers.  I have also made use of bollywood trim that is an embroidered ribbon with dangling beads.  It is a bit like a miniature beaded curtain.  I wasn’t sure initially if i should put it along the bottom or the top of the canvas, but in the end decided that along the top looked better and also gave the impression of movement.

I’ll try to post a pic on the weekend.

In other news, we are doing a Serious Rock Band session on Sunday, and attemping to unlock the Endless Set List (really 58 songs).  That is a long session, but we will have enough people to swap in and out as breaks are required.

Game Review: Rock Band

March 14th, 2009

Originally posted on December 4 2008

In the tradition of single instrument console games (Singstar, Guitar Hero), Rock Band has similar mechanics but expands the genre.  Although it has been available world wide for several years, it has only been available in Australia for the past few weeks

As well as the single player mode, where one strives to complete solo playing at different difficulties, and the dual player vs player mode, Rock Band adds a new layer of gameplay by allowing players to create a band together and go ‘on tour’.


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