Jupiter Ascending is just Fabulous

May 28th, 2015

Jupiter Ascending was, in a word, Fabulous. In two words it was Absolutely Fabulous.

My slightly longer review is that I think I understand why reviewers aren’t liking it much: because they don’t understand that it is the film version of a Space Opera roleplaying campaign.  I don’t know WHY they were expecting something else, let alone WHAT that was.  But when you consider other space opera includes Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Star Wars and even The Fifth Element (which is also fabulous but quite nonsensical most of the time) – none of this has great dialogue, all have over the top characters and action scenes, and most are episodic in various ways.

Here are my thoughts and comments from a few different blogs and sites over the past two months, put together in one spot and (hopefully) a little more coherent.  I saw it with Dave and we both came out of it wondering why people keep complaining about the crazy plot. It was obviously a movie that was supposed to be lighthearted and funny and not take itself too seriously. The actors were in on the joke, but it seems a lot of the critics didn’t get it. Maybe they were wanting a dark and gritty Matrix clone. But it is Space Opera! Not Cyberpunk.

The is The Wachowskis Do Space Opera. And they did it brilliantly. I loved that Jupiter decided to save the earth instead of her family. I love that she spent the whole movie hitting on Cane while he tried to be restrained. I loved that – unlike most sci fi movies – the female lead was fully dressed the whole time. In the gamut from Barbarella to Lilu Dallas, I can’t really recall a time when that happened before.  And the romance was great – tbh I find space opera is all romance, whether of a regency or a planetary kind. I’m good with that, it is one of the reasons I love the genre.

I can only guess that most of the reviewers who keep going on about the cra-cra plot aren’t that familiar with space opera, including the various roleplaying games and computer roleplaying games. It was there by the truckload, and tbh one of the best renditions I have seen.  I just don’t get what other people were expecting from a space opera movie no matter who made it.


Movie review: The Lovely Bones

April 7th, 2010

We saw this movie in January.  I knew it was a murder mystery, and based on a book, but not much more than that going in.

The movie was set in the early 70s, and the overall visuals had a lovely warm, yellowish colour, like an aged photograph.  Given the narrator’s love of photography, I’m sure this was quite a deliberate effect.  There also wasn’t much mystery for the viewers, as we got to see what happened to Susie Salmon early on.  Therefore it was more a family drama about how those left behind dealt with her absence and not knowing what happened.

Visually the movie was really good.  The performances were all excellent.  Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg were great as the Salmon parents; Stanley Tucci was justifiably nominated for an academy award for his role as the antagonist, and Susan Sarandon stole every scene she was in as the alcoholic grandmother.


Movie review: Avatar

April 6th, 2010

I saw this on Boxing day and have been meaning to write something but couldn’t be bothered.  It has pretty much been said, but just in case my opinion is required:

– very pretty to look at

– shit boring script, being ‘Heroes Journey, ‘Dances With Wolves’ variation

– Sam Worthing still has the acting talent of a plank of wood.

I spent most of the movie admiring the luminous biosphere and trying to work out what was feasible, but of course I have no idea.  The 3D effect gave me a migraine, and Daedalist is unable to see in 3D anyway so we were not fans of that.

I can’t be bothered writing more than that, but happy to discuss further if anyone actually cares.

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