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Gaming and selling cards

August 15th, 2016

Over the Easter weekend I held a card stall at a gaming convention, an alternative to running a game as I had been unwell and didn’t have time to write it.  I didn’t do my usual range of cards, instead focusing on a range that reflected the themes of the games – fantasy, horror, historical, alternate history etc.  I also did a selection of children’s cards as there is a day where younger players are the focus.

I was surprised by what did sell – dragons and wizards, and Egyptian themed things – and by what didn’t (children’s cards and anything steampunk).  I might do it again in the future, but not for all four days of the weekend.  Still it was an interesting experience – and if you are interested in anything here let me know, I probably have some left…

Elder sign book marks & trinket boxes

Elder sign book marks & trinket boxes

Small cards

Small cards


A bit of an update

May 18th, 2009

I haven’t forgotten about Synaesthezia, but between work and being sick I haven’t had time to do much of an update.  I have a few more canvases I need to photograph and update, plus I have been working on revisions of my freeform, Regency Revels.  I also went on a bit of a card making frenzy a few weeks ago, and was very happy with the results.  Now I just need some time to create more!

Hope to have a bit more here soon.  I also have two theatre reviews I want to finish, even though the shows are no longer playing.  Just thought I would post a note saying Not Ded Yet 😉

while in the updating mood

April 3rd, 2009

So, I have been a bit blocked of late, unable to create art or write.  This is due in large to stresses in my life (predominently work), but also due to some limitations I put on myself.  Namely, no creative stuff until I got all of the wedding related thank yous done.  I had done most of them ages ago, but there are still a few cousins who gave us things months after the wedding that I hadn’t sent thank yous to, and it took ages to buy more papers and cardstock as I had run out of the original stuff I bought.

Anyway, I started to do some art last weekend by giving myself mini paperarts challenges.  I also made a card for someone at work, and did a new canvas art which I’ll put up later (it is a gift for someone and I’m not giving it for a few weeks.  I thought I would wait until after she has it).

I also finished off ‘Perchance to Dream’, a mixed media canvas that I started about 18 months ago but had got stuck on.  I’ll post that later although the photo is not as clear as I would have liked.

Now I have to do some writing stuff for a roleplaying game I am in tomorrow.  Which will be a challenge because I’m not in that headspace at the moment.  But if I treat it like the mini art challenges I should hopefully get through it ok.

Roleplaying Game review: Trail of Cthulhu

March 14th, 2009

Originally posted on December 5 2008

About a month ago, a friend ran  a one-off session of Pelgrane Press’  Trail of Cthulhu (by Kenneth Hite), which is an alternate system to Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu game.  Bearing in mind the fact that it was a playtest written by a third party, and we gave a lot of feedback on the module, it was also my first experience of the ToC system, although I had already bought the rules.  It is a stand alone setting supplement for the GUMSHOE system, written by Robin D. Laws   My comments below are on the system, based on my experience.  I’m not discussing content (which we have done extensivly for the author of the module), and I’m not commenting on B’s gming, except in the context that she was the person who ran the game for us.


Reflections on ‘Wild Cards’

March 14th, 2009

Originally posted September 29 2008

I’m rereading the  Wild Cards series, a shared world anthology edited by George RR Martin.  Inspired by a superhero roleplaying campaign that was gamemastered by Martin, and included Roger Zelazny, Melinda M Snodgrass, Lewis Shiner and Walter Jon Williams, amongst other luminaries who would become writers in their own right.  Wild Cards is set in an alternative history of our own world, where a virus is released that gives some people superpowers (known as ‘Aces’), and turns others into monsters (‘Jokers’).  Others are transformed into non-viable forms and die – often in agony – which is called ‘Drawing the Black Queen’.

Once again I came across the short story ‘Witness’, by Walter Jon Williams.  Which is probably my favourite of all the stories in the first book, and possibly my favourite of all the ones I have read (the first 6 I think), but it is so brutal it is always difficult on a reread.  It is one of the few first person narrations in the series, and while Jack Braun’s (Golden Boy’s) story is fiction, it is also so close to reality that it hurts.


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